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Global Expansion | Tonhe Technology Shines at eMove360° Europe 2023 in Germany

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On October 17-19, eMove360 Europe 2023 was held at the New International Exhibition Center in Munich, Germany, and Tonhe brought its charging module products and charging and switching system solutions to the European New Energy Vehicle Expo.

On-site Attendance

At a time when the penetration rate of new energy vehicles is rising globally, this exhibition for electric vehicles and electric mobility, which focuses on showcasing innovative products, technologies and development trends related to electric vehicles, has gained more attention. Among the many products related to the new energy travel field, the charging module launched by Tonhe Technology, which has the advantages of high reliability, wide output voltage range, high efficiency, high power density and low standby power consumption, attracted many visitors to stop and exchange ideas.

EV Charging Module manufacturer

Focus on "core" technology

The 20kW, 30kW and 40kW series of digital high-efficiency new energy vehicle charging modules developed by Tonhe Technology have the technical advantages of full digitalization, high power, high efficiency, high power density, wide output voltage range and high protection.

(1) Fully digitalized: The PFC part and DC/DC part of Tonhe Technology's charging module adopt fully digital control based on domestic DSP chip, which is smarter and safer and supports remote OTA.

(2) High power: Tonhe Technology developed 20kW, 30kW, 40kW series of digitized high-efficiency new energy vehicle charging modules, which can be connected in parallel to form a 60kW-480kW high-power charging system to better meet the demand of new energy vehicles with high power fast charging.

(3) High efficiency: conversion efficiency is one of the core performance indicators of charging modules. The highest conversion efficiency of Tonhe Technology's charging modules exceeds 97.5%, realizing the efficient use of electric energy and helping carbon neutralization and carbon peak.

(4) High Power Density: Smaller volume under the same power is one of the important embodiments of technological advancement in charging modules. Lower footprint means lower construction and operation costs as well as convenience in installation and maintenance. The highest power density of Tonhe Technology's charging module exceeds 59W/in³.

(5) Wide voltage range: The wider the adjustable output voltage range of the charging module, the more applicable new energy vehicle models. The widest output voltage range of Tonhe Technology's charging modules can reach DC 50-1000V, and the widest constant power range can reach DC 250V-1000V.

(6) High protection: the protection of the charging module refers to the ability to avoid dust, salt spray, condensation and other impurities from entering the module and affecting the protection of electronic components. The mainstream air-cooled charging module in the industry is generally three protection or partial irrigation protection, Tonhe Technology's entire product line supports PCB double-sided gel-filling solution, which can greatly reduce the workload of the whole pile maintenance, reduce the cost of operation and maintenance, and at the same time can ensure the stable operation of the product in harsh environments.

Layout of the world Hand in hand

With the growth of new energy vehicle sales in overseas markets, the overseas demand for charging piles and other basic supporting facilities has also surged. In the face of a broader international market, Tonhe Technologyis actively expanding and deepening its global market layout while consolidating its domestic business, and is committed to research and development to create better charging modules, win the market with technology, and create the future with layout.