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EV Charging Module

Tonhe Technology's EV Charging Modules represent a sophisticated range of products designed to meet diverse electric vehicle charging needs. The core product, the EV Charging Module, encompasses a variety of models, each tailored for specific applications. The range includes the 20kW, 30kW, and 40kW EV Charging Modules, addressing different power requirements. The 20kW and 30kW models are ideal for standard charging needs, while the 40kW version caters to faster charging demands.

Key offerings like the Fast Charging EV Power Module and the DC Charging Power Module highlight the emphasis on rapid and efficient charging solutions. These modules are engineered to support fast charging stations, enhancing the convenience for EV users. The CE Certificate EV Charger Module stands out for its compliance with European standards, assuring quality and safety.

The portfolio also includes specialized modules like the ev charger power module and power module for ev charger, demonstrating Tonhe Technology's commitment to versatility and innovation in the EV charging sector. These products exemplify the company's dedication to advancing EV infrastructure with reliable and high-performance solutions.

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