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40kW EV Charging Module

Tonhe Technologies presents an innovative solution for electric vehicle charging and a myriad of industrial applications, where performance, efficiency, and reliability are paramount. These remarkable advantages set our 40kW charging modules in a league of their own:

1. Wide Output Constant Power Range: Operating seamlessly within the 300-1000VDC range, our modules adapt to various power requirements, ensuring compatibility with diverse electric vehicles and industrial systems.

2. Ultra-Low Total Harmonic Distortion: With a distortion level of less than 5%, our modules deliver pristine power quality, vital for sensitive electronic equipment and grid stability.

3. High Conversion Efficiency: Achieving peak efficiency exceeding 96%, our modules translate energy with unparalleled precision, reducing waste and cutting operational costs.

These cutting-edge features combine to create an adaptable and robust power supply and conversion system, perfectly suited for demanding applications, such as industrial environments, renewable energy installations, and any scenario where dependable and efficient power conversion is non-negotiable.

Furthermore, our modules are engineered to maximize efficiency and sustainability:

1. Low Standby Power Consumption: Minimized standby power usage contributes to substantial energy savings, translating into reduced operating expenses.

2. Low Total Harmonic Distortion: Exceptional power quality minimizes electrical interference, safeguarding the integrity of your connected devices and systems.

3. Wide Operating Temperature Range: Operating reliably in harsh conditions, our modules ensure uninterrupted performance, even in extreme climates.

Tonhe Technologies' 40kW Charging Modules represent a leap forward in power supply and conversion technology. Whether it's electrifying your industrial operations, harnessing renewable energy, or ensuring reliable power delivery, our modules are designed to meet and exceed your expectations, offering a sustainable and efficient solution for today's dynamic world.