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30kW EV Charging Module

Step into the future of power conversion and supply with Tonhe Technologies' cutting-edge 30kW power modules. These exceptional modules boast an array of advantages, making them the preferred choice for a multitude of power applications. Here's why they stand out:

1. Wide Output Constant Power Range: Our modules seamlessly operate within the 300-1000VDC range, providing unparalleled flexibility and compatibility with a diverse range of power systems and equipment.

2. Ultra-Low Standby Power Consumption: With a minimal standby power draw of less than 10 watts, our modules exemplify energy efficiency, translating to substantial savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

3. Ultra-Low Total Harmonic Distortion: Boasting a distortion level of less than 5%, our modules deliver pristine power quality, essential for safeguarding sensitive electronic equipment and maintaining grid integrity.

Tonhe Technologies' 30kW power modules emerge as a compelling and versatile solution for diverse power supply and conversion needs. These collective advantages converge to create a power solution that is both cost-effective and dependable:

1. Wide Constant Power Range: Our modules offer an expansive voltage spectrum, ensuring compatibility across a broad array of power applications.

2. High Efficiency: With a commitment to efficiency, our modules maximize energy conversion, reducing waste and operating costs.

3. Low Harmonic Distortion: Exceptional power quality ensures minimal electrical interference, guaranteeing the reliability of connected devices and systems.

4. Ultra-Wide Operating Temperature Range: Capable of enduring challenging environmental conditions, our modules perform reliably across a broad temperature spectrum.

Tonhe Technologies' 30kW Power Modules are engineered to redefine power solutions, offering reliability, efficiency, and adaptability in a single package. Whether you're seeking a cost-effective and eco-conscious power supply or need performance in demanding environmental conditions, our modules are your dependable choice for a brighter and more efficient future.