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Intelligent TH40F10030C7-WT (40KW) EV Battery DC Charging Module

  • TH40F10030C7-WT is an efficient, high-power density DC charging module developed by Tonhe for charging piles.
  • The output voltage can reach 1000V, and the constant power is 40kW in the range of 300-500VDC and 600-1000VDC. 
  • The interface and size of the 30kW module are the same, which is convenient for users to update and iterate.


  • TH40F10030C7-WT

  • Tonhe

Product Introduction

TH40F10030C7-WT is a high-efficiency, high-power-density DC charging module developed by Tonhe Technology for EV DC chargers. It can output up to 1000V, and provides a constant power of 40kW within the ranges of 300-500VDC and 600-1000VDC. The interface and size of this module are the same as our 30kW model, making it convenient for users to upgrade and iterate. The module adopts intelligent air cooling and heat dissipation mode, and supports normal mode and silent mode. The charging module CAN realize the parameter setting of the charging module and control the working state of the charging module through CAN bus and main monitoring communication.

Product Advantages

Wide output constant power range: 300-500VDC and 600-1000VDC

Ultra-low standby power consumption: <10W

Ultra-low total harmonic distortion: ≤5%

Ultra-wide operating temperature: -40℃-75℃

High Conversion Efficiency: peak efficiency ≥ 96%

Parametric Performance




Output Characteristics Curve Input Power Limit Curve Ambient Temperature Power Limit Curve

Model No


AC Input

Input Voltage

Rated voltage 380VAC, three phase no center line,operating range 270-490VAC

Input frequency


Input power factor


Input overvoltage protection


Input undervoltage protection


DC output

Rated output power


Output voltage range


Output current range


Output constant power range

When output voltage is 300-500VDC and 600-1000VDC, constant 40kW will output.

Peak efficiency


Soft start time


Short circuit protection

Self-rollback protection

Voltage regulation accuracy




Current regulation accuracy


Current sharing imbalance


Operating environment

Working temperature


Relative humidity

≤95% no condensation


≤2000m, derating above 2000m

Product Features

Cooling method

Fan cooling

Standby power consumption


Communication Protocol


Address setting

Digital screen display, keys operation

Module dimension (without handle)





500000 hours

Production Center

Tonhe Technology passed the ISO9001 quality management system, IATF16949 automotive quality management system certification, The manufacturing center has 2 fully automatic SMT assembly lines, automatic solder paste printing and inspection instrument,plug-in wave soldering assembly line, automatic three-protective spraying line, aging detection line, advanced technology, complete supporting facilities, perfect quality assurance, more than 500,000 units of charging modules annual output, from here to the world after over 50 production processes.

ev charging module

ev charging module

Test Center

Tonhe Technology has owned a first-class EMC laboratory, which has been certified by both CNAS (China National Accreditation for Conformity Assessment ) and DiLAC (National Defense Science, Technology and Industry Laboratory Accreditation Committee).

charging module test                

charging power module test lab                

World-class standard semi anechoic 3m EMC chamber is designed and built by FRANKONIA from Germany, it can be used for radiated emission and radiated immunity test of information technology equipment, charger, electric power equipment, industrial medical equipment and automotive electronic parts & components.

charging module test                

ev charger test                

Chroma electric load, AC Source; Yokogawa WT1800 high performance power analyzer; Fluke 8808A 5.5 digits desktop digital multimeter; -60℃-+150℃ temperature and humidity test chamber. Equipped 2 300kVA AC stable power supply, 2 sets of 200kW DC load, a 17㎡ step-in temperature and humidity test chamber, charger system test could be done.

ev charger test                

ev charger test                

AXOS8 test system integrates surge, EFT and DIPs tests in one, which is convenient and reliable! First-class transient immunity laboratory is built by HAEFELY from Switzerland.

Certificate Showcase

ev charging module certigicate

Packaging & Shipping

ev charger shipping


1 What are modules of communication protocol?

For our EV charging modules communication protocol is CAN and the CAN baud rate is 125kbs, the CAN voltage level is 5v.

2. Do the modules support glue filling?

Yes, All series modules can support glue filling.

3. What are the requirements for the installation method of the charging module?

The charging module can be installed horizontally, side standing or upside down. If upside down installation is used, please contact our company to customize the front panel without a handle.

4. How do you handle shipments?

1) For small orders, we send goods by FedEx, DHL, UPS, express service on door to door term.

2) For large shipments, we send goods by sea or by air in containers.

Ps. it's highly recommended to delegate your own forwarders to handle shipments and FOB Shijiazhuang is widely adopted by our customers.

5. What is your delivery time?

Factory direct sales and we could offer the short lead time. Normally, we need about 7days quantity at least 10pcs. And the samples in stock and do not worried. For orders in large quantities and customized orders, the time for shipment will be a little longer, we need 35 days to coordinate with our workshop to give accurate time frame to our customers.

6 .What is your term of payment?

Our standard term is 100% TT advance with order. However, it is negotiable under the condition of long-term strategic cooperation, there will 50% in advance and 50% before the delivery, or 30% at first and 70%when the goods are ready, all the details and we could negotiate them according your project progress.

7. What are your customized services?

The OEM and ODM solutions could available, we could write your company name, logo and model number on nameplate, also the colour and shape you also could send your requirements and we offer the solution.

8. How long is the warranty?

Standard warranty is 12 months upon the receipt of shipment.

9.Can you provide after-sale service?

We can provide both online and on-site after-sale service depending on respective contract and actual conditions. Considering the project, We promise 24hr-response scheme.

10. What certifications have you obtained for your company and products?

The ISO9001, IATF16949 automobile quality management system certification and double software certification; CE, TUV, etc., For now, our charging modules&EV chargers have been exported to overseas countries, including Australia, Russia, Germany, Italy, Turkey, India, Poland, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Brazil, Colombia, etc.