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Tonhe Technology Shines at EV ASIA 2024, Driving International New Energy Development with Innovative Technology

Views: 563     Author: Tonhe Technology     Publish Time: 2024-07-08      Origin: Tonhe Technology


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Under the impetus of the global new energy wave, the Thailand New Energy Electric Vehicle and EV charger Exhibition (EV ASIA 2024) was grandly held from July 3 to 5, 2024, at the QSNCC in Bangkok, Thailand. The exhibition brought together more than 400 exhibitors from Thailand and Southeast Asia, including new energy vehicle manufacturers, photovoltaic energy storage product producers, and charging pile suppliers, attracting over 20,000 professional visitors and buyers from around the world. Tonhe Technology, as a leader in the field of new energy technology, shone brightly at this exhibition with its outstanding technological prowess and forward-looking product layout.

Tonhe Technology Shines at EV ASIA 2024 (2)

As the new energy vehicle market grows, Southeast Asian governments and enterprises are increasing their investment and construction efforts in charging infrastructure. As the country with the highest number of electric vehicle sales in Southeast Asia, Thailand plans to build 13,000 EV chargers by 2030. This number includes urban and highway charging piles, demonstrating the government's determination to promote the adoption of electric vehicles and energy transition. To achieve this goal, the Thai government has implemented a series of measures, including tax incentives, subsidies, industry planning, and infrastructure construction. For example, the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI) offers up to eight years of tax exemption for new energy vehicle and charging pile manufacturers and allows 100% foreign ownership to attract more enterprises to invest in this field. Additionally, the government encourages enterprises to invest in the construction of charging pile infrastructure, providing land and tax incentives to meet the growing demand for charging.

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A Technological Feast Showcasing Tonhe's Strength

Tonhe Technology's appearance at EV ASIA 2024 was undoubtedly the best interpretation of its technological strength and innovation capability. Targeting the coastal city-dominated Southeast Asian market, tonhe meticulously selected a series of fully potted high-performance charging modules, including 20kW, 30kW, and 40kW models, comprehensively covering charging needs in different application scenarios. These products, with their excellent performance indicators—high reliability, wide input voltage range, wide constant power range, ultra-high efficiency, high power density, and leading gel-filling technology—won high praise and widespread attention from on-site visitors and professional customers.


40C8E ev charging power module (4)

· Achieved TUV's CE certification

· EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) meets 

Class B standards

· Wide constant power range of 280Vdc-1000Vdc
· High power density of SiC devices
· Ultra-high efficiency with peak efficiency above 96%
· Gel-filling process

Gel-filling Solution-- Technology Leading Industry Innovation

Three-proof materials, due to their high fluidity, find it challenging to provide effective protection at component pin tips and edges. In contrast, the potting solution fully protects the metallic parts of the printed circuit board, making it particularly suitable for coastal cities to resist sea wind, salt, and humidity erosion. As a pioneer of double-sided potting technology, Tonhe Technology has been promoting this solution since 2021, specifically designed for harsh environments such as salt fog and dust. Its fully automated production line uses high-viscosity silicone rubber to enclose the PCB, combined with highly fluid silicone gel, achieving a comprehensive 2.5mm thick coverage. After undergoing simulated harsh environment testing and over two years of field verification, tonhe's gel-filling solution successfully addresses over 99% of on-site challenges, significantly enhance the stability and durability of charging modules, effectively reduce failure rates and after-sales costs.

tonhe technology gel-filling power module tonhe technology gel-filling power module

Looking Ahead: Deepening Cooperation to Build Thailand's Green Infrastructure

In the face of the global emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable development, the new energy industry is welcoming unprecedented development opportunities. As a leader in the new energy field, Tonhe Technology is fully aware of its responsibilities and mission. Looking to the future, the company will continue to adhere to the development philosophy of innovation, cooperation, and win-win, increasing investment in research and development, and continuously launching more high-performance, high-quality new energy products and services. At the same time, Tonhe Technology will leverage this exhibition to actively cooperate with charging equipment enterprises in Southeast Asia, jointly contributing to the development of new energy infrastructure in Southeast Asian countries.