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Double-sided Gel-filling Multiplied Stable Performing

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Charging power module is used in DC charging equipment, is to achieve the rectifier, filtering and other power conversion of the basic unit, the main role is to convert the alternating current in the power grid into DC power for battery charging. The performance of the charging power module directly affects the overall performance of the DC charging pile, and at the same time relates to charging safety and other issues, is the core component of the DC charging pile for new energy vehicles, known as the "heart" of the DC charging pile. 

As a power electronic product with high technical threshold, the charging power module not only needs to meet the electrical performance and electromagnetic compatibility requirements stipulated in the national standard, energy standard, etc., but also needs to consider the environmental tolerance, such as salt spray, humidity, dust and so on. Previously, charging piles with low power and poor quality did not require high quality charging modules, but under the trend of high power, low-quality charging power modules will cause great problems in the subsequent operation stage of charging piles and increase the cost of operation and maintenance in the later stage, therefore, high-efficiency, high-reliability and high-power-density charging modules are the market's core requirements for the industry, and have always been an important direction of exploration for Tonhe Technologies.

·New Era for Gel-filling Solution·

In order to provide customers with highly reliable charging power modules, Tonhe Technologies introduced a solution for all series of gel filling. The organic silicone is used to fully cover all PCBs in the charging power module on both sides, completely sealing most of the SMT components to form a long-term protection.

Fully Irrigated charging module tonhe tech2

The silicone used in the gluing programme has the characteristics of electrical insulation, high and low temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, water repellent, good thermal conductivity, etc.; after curing, the silicone forms a soft elastomer, which can withstand the stress caused by the large temperature and humidity changes, and maintains the original physical state and electrical properties of the charging power module; in addition, it is also easy to clean up and maintain the charging power module after curing, and it does not affect the repair of the charging power module. Designed with full consideration of various details: temperature rise of the module, double-sided filling of the control board, special protection of electrolytic capacitors and winding parts, fully automated gluing production process, etc.; and carried out a variety of harsh environments such as high salt spray simulation tests. Compared with the traditional module static in the environmental test chamber test, our test process to the module fan power supply, so that the harsh environment of the gas fully into the module inside, exposed module in the actual use of the risk points, and the risk points found from the design of the rectification and many times fully verified.

Fully Irrigated charging module tonhe tech

Fully Irrigated charging module tonhe tech1

Our company has introduced fully automated gel filling production equipment, which eliminates at least 4 times of manual handling in the production process, reduces the risk of PCB failure in the manufacturing process, improves production efficiency and ensures product consistency. At present, our fully potted charging power module has been applied in many projects, which effectively reduces the failure rate of charging power module in the harsh environment, improves the efficiency and utilisation rate of charging piles, saves the maintenance cost for customers, and improves the operation income.